Sunday, October 11, 2009

Chapter Three

Thought I would share one of the things I have been doing isntead of blogging - I have been writing a story. I hesitate to say "book" because that seems to imply something that is published. It's a triple murder mystery that takes place in Kodiak, Alaska. Here's one short chapter (keep in mind this is a FIRST DRAFT):

She barely had time to register that the truck in the driveway was backed so far into the driveway that it pressed against the garage door before she heard the knock on the door. Her heart wanted to greet him with “why are you here” but her brain displayed images of two little girls in her head that caused her to soften. “Is there something I can do for you?” She said with the most civility she could muster.
“I’m here to get my TV” he replied.
She considered standing up to him and refusing his request but since she didn’t watch much television and she lived by her mother’s rule to choose your battles carefully so she stepped aside and let him in. It wasn’t the issue of the television that annoyed her as much as it was the idea of more disruption in her life. She moved toward the mammoth television to help unhook it from its life support of electricity and cable.
“It’s raining so I would like to take it out through the garage” he said. “If you wouldn’t mind, could you open the garage door while I unhook everything?”
She instinctively obeyed without even considering she had a choice and headed to the garage through the kitchen access. She reminded herself to get a decent light bulb for the garage fixture. When the old one burned out all she had available was a 25 watt bulb and the light would have been insufficient for an organized garage much less this chaotic one.
As she weaved through the clutter and approached the garage door lock and handle, she felt an arm slide around her waist trapping her left arm and another around her upper chest trapping her right arm. What was he doing? Trying to hug her? Something didn’t feel like and she resisted. The arms tightened and soon she felt something soft covering her face.
What is that smell? She tried to think and break free but her resistance was waning. Suddenly she felt so tired. That smell, so familiar. Ether!


luvonne said...

I want to

My Little Family: said...

Thanks LuVonne! That is the highest compliment I could receive. I want it to be something that someone would want to read. Better be careful, might name a character after you! LOL

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