Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween Clearance Sale

Eddie as Dracula

Daisey as Snow White

Roxy as Cinderella
So I finally ventured out of the house today because I needed dog food and a collar/leash/harness for Roxy and the store had pet Halloween costumes and toys on clearance sale. So.......since I did have an online event tonight for pets, I purchased three outfits. I read in the paper today that it was OK to shop again, LOL.


Julie said...

OMG! They look so cute!!! Are you guys having a Halloween party on the Ratbone forum??? Tell everyone Doozey says hi. I still need to find her a costume cause I think I might take her trick or treating at the mall (no one goes there Halloween night, and all of the workers at the mall make over her...she loves it)!!! I take her in hr stroller!

CiNdEe said...

Such cute little Trick or Treaters!!!(-: Love the costumes(-:
Happy Haunting(-:

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