Monday, November 30, 2009


I'm watching the San Francisco Ballet's Nutcracker on public television as I am typing. It's hard to even look down at the keyboard ocassionally to see if I have made any error while typing without looking. I will leave it as is and let you be the judfe. LOL (The photo is from their web site)

It's a dazzeling performance. I wish I could see it in person. By that I mean in San Francisco. Listening to Tchaikovsky always makes me feel as though Christmas is here. Last year it took me so long to get into the spirit but this year, I'm there already and it's not December until tomorrow. Wow, the costumes. Dancing on toes always amaizes me. LOVE the snow sceen.

Switching from public television to public radio - i just heard an announcement recently that the Metropolitan Opera Saturday matinee live broadcast is about to start again. Dec 12th. My mom often comes over on Saturday afternoons early and we listen to it while we wait for Jerry to get off work so we can pick up Marge and the four of us go to dinner.

So, for anyone looking to make a donation this holiday season, I hope you will consider public broadcasting, either television or radio. They have wonderful programs and they are available to everyone.

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Julie said...

I need to watch my public TV station more...I have Direct TV and the channel listing is in an area where I never I miss what is on there...I need to be more aware of checking it! I listen to NPR fairly often...although not as much now that I am not working. I need to remember to put it on in the house (not just car)!!!

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