Sunday, November 29, 2009

Foxy Roxy Updates

Roxy has an adoption application pending! Possible adoptions are bittersweet - happy for the foster and his/her new family but there is a loss when they vacate your house and life. Hers is in the VERY early stages so it is yet to be determined if she is the right dog for this family.

Well, just in case, we had an early Christmas for Miss Roxy. She got a new Puppia & matching leash. Isn't she gorgeous in green?

Look at that body! No ribs or spine showing now. Her fur is so soft - you gotta feel it to believe it.

Chair thief!!!!! When you leave your chair or your spot on the sofa or bed, she's there. If you lean to far forward in your chair, she will fill the gap between your backside and the chair.

I tried to take Christmas photos of the dog with no luck. It turned out to be more of a chew-on-the-camera event :(

Eddie, Roxy, and Daisey. They are just now getting used to her because she's oly recently out of the cage.


Julie said...

Roxy is so adorable! I hope she will be officially adopted into a wonderful family! She sounds like such a lover!!!

CiNdEe said...

She looks like a star(-: I love the green on her(-: I hope her new family treats her good and she is happy(-:

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