Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Party

We went to a Halloween party last night dressed as Raggedy Ann & Andy. It wasn't until I looked at these photos that I realized I forgot my boots!


CiNdEe said...

Very cute couple(-:
My email address is
Just send me your mailing address and Spot Junior will get packed up and off to see you(-:

luvonne said...

Gee...that doesn't quite look the same as I remember the it "Goth-Raggedy Ann & Andy"?

Julie said...

Oh...what great costumes, Vickie! Did you sew them up yourself??? You guys looked great...I'm sure you had a grand time... (you looked just like a doll)!

My Little Family: said...

Luvonne - I started as goth but then I guess it kinda switched to punk. My dress is roses and skulls.

Julie - yes, I sewed the costumes. Jerry wasn't feeling good so we were only at the party for about two hours. Plus, I forgot to make his where he could go tot he bathroom so he couldn't drink, LOL.

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