Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Day Photos

A pictorial of our day with little text.........................

Cousin Sonya, Cousin Sarah, and my Daisey with her new pink Wubba.

The whole gang opening gifts.

My mom

Mom, Sarah, Sonya (obscured) Cousin Erica with Daisey on lap, and Marge

Daisey sure liked Sonya

The unwrapping mess!

Sonya & I assembled Sarah's tent for her in my living room, LOL

Cousin Lea and my mom

Eddie finally found Sonya's lap. He is usually all over Erica because she is the one who lives nearby and he is most familiar with her.

All Jerry's Christmas photos for years has included the garbage bag. He likes to put the wrapping paper on there just as it is pulled off the present.

Daisey with her prinme rib bone

Eddie is excited because his still has lots of meat on it.

Eddie not sure how to open this one and save the bow, LOL

Me likey!

Oh yea!

Thank you Santa Paws - I needed a new Wubba because Roxy ate my last one.

I don't care if it is an after Halloween toy clearance, I LOVE this new toy and am going to carry it with me where I go!


CiNdEe said...

I loved the pictures! I showed Jack, Daisey all decked out in her dress again(-: I think he likes her!!! Or maybe it was the bone? He would like one too(-: Eddie looks very handsome in his bowtie too!!!(-:
Jack got so many treats he was worn out after Christmas!(-: He needs a week to rest up for New Years Eve festivities now(-:

Julie said...

The family was looking happy and festive!!! The dogs looked the same way! Doozey just got the same pink Wubba! I like the shots you got from your viewpoint while giving the dogs gifts!!! I love that Daisey doll!!!

Zoya, Patrick, Nora and Stuart said...

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday. Also - are those versions of the Federal Duck Stamps framed and on the wall? I seem to remember the emperor geese stamp from about 10 years ago. I do know that one of the framed pictures is by Audubon - so it is not that one! Patrick

My Little Family: said...

Patrick, those are the first 9 Alaska duck stamps. I believe we started purchasing them in 1986. I brought the Audubon poster with me from Seattle and had it framed while living in Kodiak. I remember it well because they spilled something on it so they did the matting for free to cover up the spot.

Zoya said...

Whoo Hoo I got it right. And yes you did too. We did add on to that end of the house. Patrick

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