Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Year's Dinner

I am behind in blogging and will try to catch up - alot has gone on in the last few weeks. Christmas, my birthday, new year's, my dad's passing, and our wedding anniversary. Now I am under the weather and hopefully can use that time to catch up on easy things like downloading my camera ;)

Jerry and Jake show signs of stress on New Year's day. Watching college football and waiting on dinner to be served can take it's toll.

Having been selected as "the chosen one" to attend New Year's dinner at my mom's, Jake was an absolute gentleman. No marking, barking, whining, pacing, begging, or any other annoying doggie behaviors one might see in a more-spoiled doggie (not mentioning any names here); however, he did need to have me in his line of sight at all times. He was so good with my MIL Marge who normally avoids my dogs because they paw her to pet them and it rips her skin. (Don't you just love the aging process? I don't mind getting older but I don't like the changes so far or those to come.)
The crew sitting down for dinner. We had my hubby Jerry, my MIL Marge, my first cousin once removed Erica (in the scrubs because she had to go to work after), my mom Vee, my first cousin Lee (Erica's mom), and of course the world's worst phototographer, me!

My family, and strangers in restaurants, may believe it is wierd but I like to photo plates of food. Granted, I am no food stylist, but I like the documentation of tradition and food is a huge tradition during the holidays for my family. You could probably compare previous year blog posts and see just about the same menu year to year but always lovingly prepared ;)

Other than a day out, here's the real reward for being the chosen one. Luckily, Jake had his dental surgery the day before and had been on antibiotics for several days so I believe he was able to enjoy it.


CiNdEe said...

Great pictures(-;
Sorry you are feeling under the weather! Hope you feel better soon!
Give the fur babies a pet on the head!(-:

Julie said...

Sorry to hear you are not feeling well...but I guess considering all the stresses lately, it was bound to happen! Glad you are home safely and life can even out for you for a while! That Jake sure sounds like a sweet gentleman!!!

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