Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl

The clock is ticking toward the big game and football reminds me so much of my Dad. My maiden name was Manning yet I lived a couple years in New Orleans. Normally I would cheer for my dad's choice but I can't ask him now.

The night before he died he watched the championship game with Alabama. He was focused on it and I was tired so I left the hospital once it started. Now I wish I had stayed and watched it with him. He had such a good day that I didn't see it coming.

I sure remember the Alabama versus Arkansas game. Jerry and I were visiting hinm in Arkansas for his birthday and we were making so much noise hooping and hollaring that the staff had to come check to make sure everything was OK and eventually they closed his door, LOL. Our team lost but it was still one of the best games I've ever watched.


Julie said...

Oh...what a great thing to have in your memory!!! A bittersweet day for you today. I think he may have pulled for the Colts though...LOL!!! Enjoy the and have lots of fun just for your Dad!!!

carla said...

yea, there's so many things you wish you could ask them when you can't.
sometimes tho, you know in your heart what they would say.

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