Thursday, March 25, 2010

Disapppointed, Shocked, & Disturbed

Someone I used to work with was arrested on Monday for child pornography. Trying to remember the "innocent until proven guilty" mantra and wondering what happened to this person. I know that everyone on the news reports alway say he was a devoted family man but this guy really was - at least on the outside.

This has clogged my mind for 24 hours now. Someone I knew and trusted could "possibly" have helped perpetuate sexual exploitation agaisnt children. I always thought it was strangers who did this. Not someone whose company you enjoyed and laughed with.

Kinda reminds me of my previous job where the Director embezzeled money. Totally broke the public trust, almost put a small non-profit out of business, and generally betrayed everyone involved with that entity. Both people have left coworkers stunned, confused, and disgusted.



Julie said...

I guess something like this would be done in secret...thats the thing I always we really know people?? It is sad to learn of people doing this when it totally blows you out of the water when it is someone you know love and trust. I'm so sorry.

My Little Family: said...

And people worrry about meeting people online? In person is apparently no guarantee, eh?

Zoya said...

I must say I never trusted the 'former director' - I knew something was funny. That said I am always amazed by 'dirty secrets'. I had nightmares after serving on a grand jury. Now that is eye opening!

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