Saturday, April 24, 2010

Jakey's Last Full Day

Tomorrow I meet Jakey's new mom in Ocala and pass him off to his new life. I wanted to get him ready and have extra time with him today. Jerry & I took all three to the vet for nail trims and then to the dog park for a little fun.

This is Daisey relaxing on the picnic table at the dog park. Today it got to 85. Summer is here!

Then I took Jake to lunch and to Pet Food Warehouse to buy food, treats, & toys - basically his dowry. LOL I wanted to send familiar food to avoid tummy upset right away.

Then I got this crazy idea to take a photo of Jake on a Harley! So, I drove to a Harley dealership and waited till someone came out. This beautiful blond woman was gracious enough hold Jakey on her bik so I could take a photo. How cool is that?


Julie said...

Oh man...I am just blubbering now! I will really miss seeing Jake! You were such a great foster mom and it will be such a hard day to see him go. My heart is already broken. Those better be the nicest people in the world that he is going to!!! Harley Jake! Sweet. I will miss you boy!

Julie said...

P.S. Daisey looks like a queen up there on her picnic table throne!!! Pretty girl!!!

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