Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Green Thumb Sunday on Tuesday

OK, I am not ready to share photos yet, but instead of doing a bunch of things I need to be doing, we have been doing something else we need to do. When will the to-do list be finished!?!

Our backyard was a overgrown jungle. I like it this way except that you could no longer walk around the pool and the dogs were having a hard time finding a potty space so...................we spent many hours over the weekend and yesterday working on cutting it back. But, better yet, we had two professional tree trimmers come help with the really big stuff.

I want to finish up before I share photos. The "before" photos are a few posts back and the "during" photos are in my digicam. Still working on the "after" photos. Hopefully we can call it done (or at least as done as it will get for now because I've learned you can work FOREVER in a Florida garden) next weekend and share photos.

It's OK friends and family. You can come over again. You won't be shoved into the pool by plants!

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