Thursday, July 29, 2010

Jury Duty, part 2

What's an idle juror to do? Blog, of course! Don't you just love living in the digital age where I can photos on my camera and a few minutes later they are on the blog? Amaizing.

The Pinellas County courthouse from a distance. This photo gives you an idea of just how far back in the lot I had to park :) It was hot too and it's only morning.

These are either artwork or the county is farming strange cement pillars.

A closer shot of the courthouse. I recognize those cement balls because they have them in front of a Target store in Pinellas Park. At first glance you think they are decorative but I suspect they are really there to stop a vehicle from being able to drive up to the main entrance - I know that is why they have them at Target.

I decided to pass on taking a photo at the security area but it was pretty much like at the airport. You put your stuff in a bin that slid on a conveyer belt through an x-ray machine. You walked through a metal detector and claimed your stuff on the other side. Only difference is that we did not have to take our shoes off. The jury room was immediately to the right of the security area. Very convenient yet too close to security for me to take a photo of the entry into the jury room - did not want to take the chance of binge strip searched. There were tons of deputies lined up there just waiting for something to do. I didn't want to be it.

This shows about half of the jury room. You walk into a reception area where you get instructions, a number, and grab a clip board with a form to fill out. the chairs were comfy and the temperature was pleasant.

This is the office area for jurors to use the computers provided or to plug in their own laptop at the empty desks. Thank you for the WiFi! There were also some desks in the main jury waiting room but this was nicer.

Here's the jury break room with coffe, hot water, vending machine, and a television. This was the only place where food and drink were allowed. They had a microwave but no refrigeration so I brough a PB&J sandwich for lunch. You can see the corner of my laptop in this photo as I eat half my sandwich.

And last but not least is the ladies room. On our first break this place had a line out the door.

There was an intercom system in all these rooms, including the bathroom, so you didn't miss it if your juror number was called. So far we've had two sets of numbers called and I wasn't in either. I so want to serve but it is not looking good - there is a light trial load because many of the judges are at a conference. Oh, this is criminal, not civil, court.


vivian said...

Looks like fun!:) I've only had jury duty once. The accused (domestic violence) opened the wrong door -saw all us middle aged people in there and decided to just plead guilty. The judge came in and told us we had done a great job and we could go home!

Skeeter said...

I am currently sitting on the Grand Jury. I am having a great time as each day I serve, I learn more and more new things. Plus I learn how stupid some people can be. Drugs and Acohol seem to be the main culprits in most of our cases....

Eddie lizard hunting was too cute. That little nubby tail waggging is a hoot...

Julie said...

Well, glad you had a quiet day at least, and could blog! Yeah!!! Looks like a lovely courthouse and facilities! They make it comfortable, which is so nice!!!
Loved how you gave us a photographic accounting of your day!!! It is amazing this blogging business!
xoxo- Julie

chigiy at gardeners anonymous said...

They never let me get on juries. I always say something inappropriate and get kicked out. I love those cement vase things but I don't like the bases.
I love the last pic of the bathroom. You must have been board—but it was a nice bathroom.

JaMean said...

Wow, what a day. I had no idea those "decorative balls" were there for a reason other than decoration!

I had jury duty once, the defendant took the plea deal, but I was paid $18 for a day. lol

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