Saturday, August 7, 2010

As Promised - A Contest

OK, here is the contest......tell me where EACH of these Victorian beauties is located (city & state). Don't worry, it's not impossible. Not only am I going to give you three clues, but with a little detective work you can figure it out even if you have never been anywhere near these house.

Clue 1 - there is more than one state pictured here
Clue 2 - there is more than one decade of photos pictured
Clue 3 - there is more than one Bed & Breakfast shown

House A

House B

House C

House D

House E

House F

House G

House H

House I

House J

House K

House L

OK, I will try to resist and not post for a few days so that this one remains at the top. Two points for each house identified and a bonus point if you can provide a new (within the last five years) photo of the house now.


Julie said...

OK, Vickie...are you kidding??? LOL. My husband and I are gonna give it a stab, even though we really have NO IDEA, and will end up with zero points. Here goes:

House A: San Jose, CA
House B: Raleigh, NC
House C: Ashville, NC
House D: Kodiak, Alaska
House E: New Orleans, LA
House F: Salem, OR
House G: St. Francesville, LA
House H: Selma, AL
House I: Eureka, CA
House J: Bremerton, WA
House K: Sitka, AK
House L: Marianna, FL

My Little Family: said...

Julie, while you did not get them right, you did get the correct state on A & J. Hint: zoom in on the signs. By the way, these photos are mine but I was able to find uqite a few of these online ;)

Julie said...

Hi Vickie...I actually did try to zoom in on the signs, but none of them would get big enough to read! I'm glad we at least got a few states right! It was a fun activity for us to try! LOL.

Skeeter said...

I have no idea but all beautiful old homes...

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