Sunday, August 15, 2010

Green Thumb Sunday and Woofstock

I have this small fascination with palm fronds. I really dislike throwing them away as debris. Normally I let them stay on the plant as long as possible so that the plant (did you know palms are not a tree at all but are in the grass family?) can replenish nutrients from the old fronds; however, sometimes you just have to remove one . Weaving a few strands together was all I could think of. I did look online and people do some fancy stuff but don't think I am up to that.

Now, different subject. August 15th - 18th is the anniversary of that famous concert Woodstock. In honor my doggies are dressing up for a Woofstock celebration. I was busy sewing outfits for them to wear.

Daisey in her peace and love dress. She's normally such a good model as I try to measure each peace agaisnt her for fit but today she wasn't having it so I;m lucky it fit so well. You can see Woody in the background (click for larger image) before I convinced him to wear clothes - he was going with the nekked Woofstockers wearing only beads, a peace symbol, and a smile.

Eddie was happy to model his fringed vest.....especially with Jerry holding a treat to get his attention!

And, finally Woody in his fringed vest made of faux suede. Well, we gotta go get in the VW van so, until next time, have a groovy time.


Since they weren't the most cooperative of models today, here is a group shot of my handiwork. I spent hours on their costumes and they were only willing to wear them for a couple of minutes. Downer dude.

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Julie said...

These are so great, Vickie!!! Really adorable doggies in their new duds!

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