Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010

Halloween Costume Party (for humans)

Tonight we attended the annual Halloween party at Christina's house. We went as hippies.
I made the "suede" vests, my purse, and turned Jerry's jeans into bellbottoms.

Christina on the left as a flapper. Don't know the gangster on the right. Christina and I met at the dog park circa 2003.

I don't know catwoman.

Ami, Christina's husband, as a ghoul of some sort in lederhosen. Perhaps Hans the vampire?? (Christina & Ami are the couple I married on 4th of July.)

Rikki as the mad hatter. Met Ricky at dogpark.

Cupid, don't know her either.

Cupid's husband the rockstar.

Cavewoman, another unknown.

The house is pretty dark - most light from candles or seasnal lightening; however, the camera performed pretty well.

Steve & Natalie. Dog park friends.

Gary & Craig. Met Gary at dog park before he met Craig.

Christina goes all out, indoors and out, decorating for this party. I wish I would have taken photos of just her handiwork :) Maybe next year.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Costume Party (for Dogs)

If you don't like a dog dressed up for Halloween, stop reading NOW.

I made Daisey a fairy dress and then painted some bright pink wings to match the skirt.

Eddie ended up wearing a costume I bought for Daisey during a closeout last year. It was way to big for her meaning it fit him perfectly.

Woody wasn't sure what the heck was going on !

Happy Halloween!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Vacation Day Seven

The last offical day of vacation started on Friday with breakfast on the pier. Then we took a nice walk to the end of the pier to watch the people fish.

This fella caught two of these big Drums.

Then we bought Jerry some fishing gear and headed to Harker's Island to catch a boat to Cape Lookout. On the way we saw the wild horses!

Here's our ride. They leave Harker's every hour for a fiftenn minute ride over.

It is very beautiful over there. There is a nicely maintained boardwalk to a visitor's center, restrooms, museum, lighthouse, and a beach full of seashells.

This is the building where they used to keep the oil for the lighthouse. It's modernized now and flashes it's light every 15 seconds.

Waiting for the ride back.

They are crazy about their lighthouse downeast. I saw replicas everywhere.

The beach and pier at the Oceanna. Very relaxing place to stay.
Did a little birdwatching. this gull has a baby fish in his mouth. Took him a while to break it into a manageable size.

We are home now. Yesterday we drove from Atlantic Beach NC to Selma NC so Jerry could go tot he JR Tobacco store. We made it to Richmond Hill GA before calling it a night. Yesterday I got a photo with a Ratbone friend's mother and then today had breakfast with another Ratbone volunteer. Fun to meet people I've talked to on the phone. Back to work tomorrow, I hope. Feeling feverish :(

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