Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Costume Party (for humans)

Tonight we attended the annual Halloween party at Christina's house. We went as hippies.
I made the "suede" vests, my purse, and turned Jerry's jeans into bellbottoms.

Christina on the left as a flapper. Don't know the gangster on the right. Christina and I met at the dog park circa 2003.

I don't know catwoman.

Ami, Christina's husband, as a ghoul of some sort in lederhosen. Perhaps Hans the vampire?? (Christina & Ami are the couple I married on 4th of July.)

Rikki as the mad hatter. Met Ricky at dogpark.

Cupid, don't know her either.

Cupid's husband the rockstar.

Cavewoman, another unknown.

The house is pretty dark - most light from candles or seasnal lightening; however, the camera performed pretty well.

Steve & Natalie. Dog park friends.

Gary & Craig. Met Gary at dog park before he met Craig.

Christina goes all out, indoors and out, decorating for this party. I wish I would have taken photos of just her handiwork :) Maybe next year.

1 comment:

Julie said...

You and Jerry looked GREAT! Everyone had such good costumes! It is amazing that all of you kinda know each other from the darn dog park! How cool is that? I think it could be made into a movie...Or a TV series at least!!!

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