Sunday, October 10, 2010

Behind on Posting

I won't bore you with the details of why I haven't posted in a month (nothing particuarly interesting) but I will have some photos to share of my hiatus. I'll start with today when my mom and I went to the performance of Pump Boys and Dinettes.
The performance was at the Palladium. The cast was talented and I enjoyed every minute of it.
But the venue itself was a show stealer - so interesting and beautiful. Here's a photo of my mom.
Here's one of the floor in the main entry area. They were selling wine & champaigne in the concession stand. Was tempting but I was driving.............
An old lightfixture in the lobby.
The ceiling and arches.
This was taken in an outside hallway.
My mom and I in the elevator. It was padded & had a driver!
Interesting tile job on the stairs.
Another pretty light fixture.
Mom and I had a fabulous dinner at the Bonefish Grill in St. Petersburg after the show. This restaurant, although recently relocated, is the first location for this Tampa Bay based chain. Humm.....there are several restaurant chains founded in the bay area (i.e. Hooters). I wonder why that is so?
They have the nicest outdoor seating areas. Luckily we did't have to wait but if we did, it would have been lovely ;)
BEST CRAB CAKES EVER!!!! We started the dinner with the best crab cakes I have ever had. The sauce was good but HOT so we didn't use much. I have no idea how they kept all those chunks of crab meat together yet it was creamy and not bread-y.
The fish is cooked over a wood fire and the aroma in the parking lot is wonderful. My talapia was super yummy. I was disappointed the fresh veggie was zuchini - I don't like any if the squashy veggies. I am in a Wellness thing at work and trying to eat 5 - 9 servings of fruits & veggies per day. Kinda blew it over the weekend and this zuchini didn't help.
Mom had grilled shrimp and Aug Gratin potatoes with asperagus. I tried one of her shrimp and it was yummy. I'm a little picky about shrimp and don't like the ones that taste "muddy".


Julie said...

What a gorgeous place! The design details are amazing! Glad you had fun! You look pretty in that dress! Your Mom looked like she had a great time too! That seafood looks all good to me. We have a Bonefish here, but I have not gone. Maybe I need to get over there for some seafood, right now!!!

Anonymous said...

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