Friday, November 26, 2010


Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving day with friends and/or family. We had turkey dinner at my mom's condo. It was a quiet day with just me, jerr, my mom, and jerr's mom Marge.
Jerry and Marge at the partially set table (yes, there was more food to come )

Jerry and I after dinner and dessert. We didn' bring a dog with us because Jerry was worn out from working 19 days in a row, most well over 8 hours, and i've been down with a sinus infection which turned to bronchitis. No one was up to walking them.

It's Florida so we had keylime pie (yummy) in addition to the traditional pumpkin pie.

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Julie said...

It is so great that you and Jerry's Moms get together for holidays with ya'll. Glad you had a nice T-giving day. Speaking of pies...we had something we had never had this year in the way of pie...a Marie Callendar lattice crust cherry pie. It was heavenly...tart, yet sweet cherries! We will be trying more of her pies over the holidays!

How is your ukelele playing coming along. I still need to search the closets at my parents home for Dad's old ukelele so we can learn a duet to play whenever we meet up in Arcadia one day!!! :)

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