Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Got Granite!

Between a sinus infection, bronchitis, and a bathroom remodel, I havn't done much posting. I am happy to finally report that the project is so very close to being finished! Yesterday the granite counter was installed.

The faucets are not hooked up yet - I just put one up there to see how it would look. The contractor is supposed to finish up tomorrow by installing the faucets, hooking up the toilet, adjusting the shower to allow hotter water, and three pieces of trim. I still haven't found a mirror or mirrors that I like and that will fit the space. We may have to install that ourself because the contractor is planning on finishing up tomorrow.

When it's all finished I will do some staging and then show some before and after shots.


Julie said...

That granite sure is purdy, Vickie!!! Can't wait to see it when all done!!! Hope you are feeling much better! Seems the colds, bugs, viruses, etc. are circulating all around!!!

Steve Patterson said...

hmm seems like you are having a happy project. Well i am a k kitchen worktops
supplier too and know how it feels when some project is on the finishing lines. Do post the final pictures. ..

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