Saturday, February 5, 2011


What a busy but fun day. I left work an hour early (4pm) because I needed to get kibble in St Pete, our new area rug in Pinellas Park, and meet Jerry and his coworkers for dinner at Applebee's in Largo by 6pm (that didn't happen, lol). When Jerry called and asked me to pick up a birthday cake for the dinner, I knew something had to go and it was the kibble - let them eat Woody's canned food.

Here's the new rug. I love the way the dog's eyes turned out. My camera is low on battery charge and it does wierd things. I will have to remember this for Halloween photos!

The cake. Well, I didn't go to Publix (boring story as to why) so I picked up a cake at another store
and when I got it home I wasn't so happy with it. It was a strawberry torte cake (sponge cake, strawberry filling, whipped cream (sorta) frosting) but it had one single strawberry on the top and the frosing didn't cover well in some spots. Plus, it had hit the side of the cover so it screamed out to be redecorated, Luckily I bought strawberries today and we always have blueberries in the fridge. I was able to find some red sprinkles leftover from some baking project. It was a fun dinner and nice to meet the spouses of his coworkers.

On the way tot he car we saw this thing parked in the lot. Have no idea what the heck this thing is. Do you?


vivian said...

The cake looks yummy@ That looks like a big pickle car!

Julie said...

you sure did pretty up the cake!!!
i wonder what that "thing" on wheels was? very interesting...did it have seats inside, or no???

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