Sunday, March 13, 2011

Trip To Arcadia

My mom and I drove over the Sunshine Skyway bridge today (really don't like that bridge) and headed to Arcadia to visit my cousin Bill & my Aunt Flossie.

Cousin bill with the new grandbaby.

Christian, Tamera, and their baby.

Bill's son Willie. He had fun showing me his arsenol of Nerf guns.

The guy in the tye-died shirt is my cousin Bob that I have not seen since probably I was a teenager. He's been staying with Bill for a while. To his right is Aunt Flossie - she is the last living sibling of my dad. The little boy in front is Willie again.

Christian's jeep got stuck in the mud.

Passed lots of trucks filled with oranges. There were enough oranges on the side of the road, that escaped from the confines of the trucks, you could have picked up enough of them to last a year!

We stopped at this road side stop because they had a big BBQ going outside and were advertising pulled pork and smoked sausages.

It turned out to be a biker bar. I went inside to buy us some cokes and a guy in a lot of black leather took my photo, lol.

Mom eating with the smoking bikers in the background. Inside was a live band - it was REALLY loud.

Oops! I should have taken a photo of my sandwhich BEFORE, lol.

Our final stop was the shops at Ellenton Prime Outlets. I bought two purses for summer. I really like handbags like some people love shoes - purse are my thang.

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Julie said...

Oh, Vickie! I can't believe we missed each other in Arcadia again!!! This was on our list to go today, but my son cancelled out on keeping the grandkids, so we had to go somewhere suitable for them. We ended up going to Hollywood, Fl to a beach park, and to a rollercoaster "The Hurricane" in Dania. I will put a few pics on the blog tonight.

You sure found a cool spot to lunch with your Mom! She is a trooper stopping at a biker bar! LOL. I love your purses!!!

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