Sunday, May 29, 2011

Enroute to Arkansas

Today we traveled from Clearwater through Florida, Alabama and am now typing from a hotel bed in Tupelo, Missisiippi.

We passed through Birmingham today and just at the edge of town OMG!

The string of Alabama tornadoes at the end of April passed through the area and I could not believe what I was seeing. I can't remember the road, perhaps US78, but I was talking to Jerry (he was driving) and saw a huge tree stump that had been sheered and a house that looked like it was partially burned and partially torn down. Then I noticed the tree stood alone but not because nothing was built around it but because the neighboring houses were rubble. About the same time Jerry responded to what he was seeing to the right and I turned and saw mass destruction about as far as i could see. Seems the torando tore a path through this part of town and tore up everything except the asphalt on the road. It's one thing to see it on TV, another to see it in person and so close up. Was tempted to take a photo but decided not in case anyone is still entombed in this horrible destruction.

While Memphis may claim Graceland as Elvis's home, Tupolo is his birthplace and they are very proud of it. Here's a few photos:

( The old downtown area had painted guitars sticking out of the sidewalk on everyblock. Not actualy guitars but metal, pop art painted ones. Very cool - maybe a photo tomorrow?? We were tired and hungry and only ooh and awed at them. )

The house - a small, shortgun style. There is a vistor center but we wanted to get a hotel and something good to eat (we had been living off gummy worms and chex mix all day, lol) so just popped out for a few photos.
Historical marker at the home. Reminds me, Alabama was full of historical markers. Will need to look them up sometime as I learned nothing whizzing by at 65mph.
A concrete walk circles the house and there are many of these "bricks" of dates and a carving of an event to match these dates.

Tomorrow the plan is to stop in the Memphis area to see a relativem, buy some flags & flowers, go to cemetery to place them on Dad's, grandparents, great grandparents, and GG grandparent's graves for memorial day. Then, it's off to Mountain Home to visit Vern.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lovin It!

I just can't thank the public library system enough for offering audiobook downloads to my iPod and all from the comfort of my own computer. Between computer work at work & home, genealogy, sewing, etc., I love giving my eyes a break.

To me, there's no better way to read than with your eyes closed and a stack of pillows under my head.

Thank you Largo library!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day 2011

We had a lovely mother's day gathering today. The weather was absolutely perfect - warm enough to enjoy the pool but not too hot to sit outside.

Cousin Lea, first-cousin-once-removed Erica, and first-cousin-twice-removed Sarah, my mom, my mother-in-law, and of course Jerry and I spent the afternoon together.

Sarah and Jerry were the only ones in the pool. It was about 83 degrees. Another couple degres and I will be in there too ;)

Jerry had hamburger, hot dog, and polish dog duty. Sadly, I got a photo of my mom, Marge, and Lea but it must have been accidentally erased because it wasn't on my camera when I downloaded the photos.

Eddie was conscripted to deliver a mother's day card, lol.

I made my first maccaroni salad and it was good. I also made BBQ beans, and an orange cake. We have watermelon and the best salsa from Publix - it was roasted corn and black bean salsa. Basically a simple meal so we could all spend time together.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ratbone Reunion

Jerry & I took a 4 day weekend and went to Jacksonville (and Daytona Beach, sorta) to attend a Ratbone Adopters Reunion. It was a great time.

Jacksonville was very dog friend, unlike Dayotna Beach. This is Eddie at Carabbas. He had spaghetti & meat sauce, really.

My job was to run the silent auction and sell sodas. Attendees all donated something and then everyone bought tickets and put them in the bags of the items they wanted to win.

We also had some items to sell outright. Can't believe we sold sweaters in Florida on the hottest day of the year so far but we did!

I baby-sit for this little cutie when his mama went to dinner one night. She left her dogs in the room abd two of them were naughty so the hotel employee went up and got them and was walking them when I recognized them as my friend's dogs and volunteered to take them until she returned. She didn't get my voicemail or her message from the front desk so she freaked when she got to her room and two dogs were missing.

All time outs at the reunion were voluntary time outs. Everyone was good and these turned out to be super comfy places to crash after racing or entering other contests and fames.

The Don Juan of dogs. His name is Shrimp and he's the other naughty boy that I babysit the night the front desk took my friend's dogs due to barking complaints. He was the life of the party.

My Eddie at the reunion. I wouldn't let him on the picnic table and he didn't want to sit on the ground in the bark. His bed and crate was taken (turned into the time out) so he wasn't sure what to do with himself while Jerry was gone (went to Toyota dealer - long story).

A very happy adopter's dog who he adores. He was runner up in one of the races. We played some fun games like blindfold the human and then pick your dog out of a group.

Neighborhood Muscovy

Broke Wing So, back in March a mama Muscovy showed up with 14 ducklings in the pond across the street. These ponds are retention pond...