Saturday, September 10, 2011


I recently watched a television show about people who make a living, yes make a living, entering and winning sweepstakes and contests. Since they aren't all cash prices, these folks often sell their winning to make cash. The successful ones treated it like an 8 hour a day job. It was interesting to learn that this could be done online 24/7.

Soooooo, being the curious and slightly cynical person that I am...........I started entering sweepstakes online and will do so until I win something. So far in life the only thing I have won is jury duty ;) It will be interesting to see how long I have to do this before I actualy win something. I've entered for gift cards, vacations, golf clubs, books, dvd's, fancy dog beds, artisan dog bowls, dog food, tickets, kindle, i think you get the idea.

One thing I did before entering was to set up a second e-mail account because I knew my e-mail would be bombarded and that has worked out well. I've also made a committment to a half hour at least 5 days a week (the pros say the weekend is best because less people enter and there are many short term contests).

I will let you know when/if I win something. I'm not giving up my job, I just want to see if even I can win something. Dog food would be nice :)

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Julie said...

Oh my are killing me here!!! I sure hope you win a lot and inspire me to try it too!!! I hope, instead of dog food...maybe 25 million dollars you will win!!! :)

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