Sunday, February 12, 2012

We are in New Orleans!

First time here since the mid sizties and I was in elementary school. Jerry's first time. Sorry, camera is not working.

We had a late breakfast - jambalaya omlet and "real" french toast with an adult beverage (it is new orleans afterall). Strolled around the quarter and am using the hotel lobby computer while we wait for our room. Proably going to leave the lobby in a couple minutes (baby it's cold outside) to track downt he Krewe of Barkus parade.

Tuesday will be red beans and rice dinner with family. thursday will be Krewe of Muses parade ( and everything else is well, as it comes ;) This blogger I have linked rides on Krewe of Muses and I have been following her blog and she's where I got the idea to make glitter shoes.

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Julie said...

Oh...those shoes are amazing!!! WOWZERS! I am thinking you could do some more of your garden shoes like these, but only decorate with outsides and fill with succulents again....who knows...I might have to do this!!! My poor screen room sux are soooo ignored, I should do a whole shoe garden there with sparkles galore!!!

Have a wonderful time there...and eat a beignet for me!

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