Friday, January 18, 2013

One Month Anniversary

Today is the one month anniversary of the loss of our beloved Daisey. It seems like only two or three days because we miss her and her routines so much.

Christmas was really somber without her. Didn't realize until she was such a central part of things until she wasn't there. She was always in the middle of gift opening and paper ripping although she didn't open gifts like Eddie does - she was just curious as to what was in the paper and had her head in there. Then she would check out the gifts one by one. She pranced around in her Christmas outfit and enjoyed a nice meal from the table. She also visited everyone in the house and got her share of pats and belly rubs.

I guess life goes on and every time I start to replay those last moments of finding her not breathing, I have to force myself to think of a pleasant moment with her.

We joke how it is so easy to feed the dogs now. Diamond, our foster, inhales her food instantaneously. Eddie is focused and stays on task until he finished. Daisey, on the other hand, was a grazer. She would take a bite, walk around the living room, take another bite, do a lap outside around the pool, take another bite, etc. It took her about an hour and a half to eat and if you were not watching another dog would eat her food (that is why Eddie is chunky).

It's those habits that are so hard to break. I remember when my little Mooney died, I had a hard time with breaking all the habits in place for his care. He was old, blind, deaf, crippled, etc. so I did a lot for him. With that need gone, ones system is shocked at first.

We will eventually get used to her being gone but we will never stop loving or remembering her.

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