Sunday, April 28, 2013

Genealogy Meme

103 Genealogy Things

1. Belong to a genealogical society – yes, 3

2. Joined a group on Genealogy Wise – never heard of it

3. Transcribed records - yes

4. Uploaded headstone pictures to Find-A-Grave or a similar site – many, I’m kind of a grave geek

5. Documented ancestors for four generations (self, parents, grandparents, great-grandparents) – more than 4

6. Joined Facebook – yup

7. Cleaned up a run-down cemetery – couple times

8. Joined the Genea-Bloggers Group – ???

9. Attended a genealogy conference – conference, no but did take a college class

10. Lectured at a genealogy conference – gave a genealogy speech in college and helped others as a volunteer at the FHC

11. Spoke on a genealogy topic at a local genealogy society/local library’s family history group – no me, no speeches except in college speech class

12. Joined the National Genealogical Society – meant to do that

13. Contributed to a genealogy society publication – couple times

14. Served on the board or as an officer of a genealogy society - yes

15. Got lost on the way to a cemetery – not since GPS

16. Talked to dead ancestors – talk to them often, especially the brick walls

17. Researched outside the state in which I live - yes

18. Knocked on the door of an ancestral home and visited with the current occupants - no

19. Cold called a distant relative – yes

20. Posted messages on a surname message board – not in a while but used to do it often

21. Uploaded a gedcom file to the internet – same answer as above

22. Googled my name (and those of ancestors) – like everyday

23. Performed a random act of genealogical kindness – have helped others

24. Researched a non-related family, just for the fun of it – I’ll research anybody who shows up on my radar but only for a couple hours since I have my own work to do!

25. Have been paid to do genealogical research - no

26. Earn a living (majority of income) from genealogical research – I wish

27. Wrote a letter (or email) to a previously unknown relative - yes

28. Contributed to one of the genealogy carnivals – a what?

29. Responded to messages on a message board – yup, sometimes years after the original post

30. Was injured while on a genealogy excursion – bug bites count?

31. Participated in a genealogy meme – just this one so far

32. Created family history gift items – yes but should do more

33. Performed a record lookup – hundreds, maybe a thousand

34. Took a genealogy seminar cruise – where do I sign up for that?!?!?!?

35. Am convinced that a relative must have arrived here from outer space – or worse, had two wives each in a different county of same state. Can’t think of any other answer for a particular dilemma.

36. Found a disturbing family secret – I am not easily disturbed. Found that others change “facts” so as not to reveal a disturbing family secret.

37. Combined genealogy with crafts (family picture quilt, scrapbooking) – a little.

38. Think genealogy is a passion and/or obsession not a hobby – it’s not a hobby, it’s a pilgrimage

39. Assisted finding next of kin for a deceased person – for work, not for genealogy.

40. Taught someone else how to find their roots - yes

41. Lost valuable genealogy data due to a computer crash or hard drive failure - yup

42. Been overwhelmed by available genealogy technology - yes

43. Know a cousin of the 4th degree or higher – my favorite is removed

44. Disproved a family myth through research = oh yeah

45. Got a family member to let you copy photos - yes

46. Used a digital camera to “copy” photos or records – yes when desperate

47. Translated a record from a foreign language –  nope, my relatives are dumped at the water, so to speak.

48. Found an immigrant ancestor’s passenger arrival record – they pop up on ancestry but I haven’t used them much…I only research the US

49. Looked at census records on microfilm, not on the computer – in the olden days but those microfiche machine make me seasick

50. Used microfiche – I still own some ;)

51. Visited the Family History Library in Salt Lake City – yes and it was so overwhelming I didn’t find as much as you would think.

52. Used Google+ for genealogy – don’t know what that is but I do Google ancestor names

53. Visited a church or place of worship of one of your ancestors - no

54. Taught a class in genealogy – not a class

55. Traced ancestors back to the 18th Century – easy enough

56. Traced ancestors back to the 17th Century - harder

57. Traced ancestors back to the 16th Century – hooked into others research because I don’t research outside the US

58. Can name all of your great-great-grandparents – and where they were born and died and of what

59. Know how to determine a soundex code without the help of a computer – nah, I need the computer for that

60. Have found many relevant and unexpected articles on internet to “put flesh on the bones” – I’m a bones girls, prefer dates and facts over stories

61. Own a copy of Evidence Explained by Elizabeth Shown Mills – no, hummmm

62. Helped someone find an ancestor using records you had never used for your own research - yes

63. Visited the main National Archives building in Washington, DC – no way, I understand that neighborhood is dangerous. Or is that the Washington archives?

64. Have an ancestor who came to America as an indentured servant – believe so but cannot prove it

65. Have an ancestor who fought in the Revolutionary War, War of 1812 or Civil War – yes to all, many in each

66. Taken a photograph of an ancestor’s tombstone – who hasn’t?

67. Can “read” a church record in Latin – no but I’ve learned early American writing (like F for double s’s)

68. Have an ancestor who changed his/her name, just enough to be confusing – every other generation on one line

69. Joined a Rootsweb mailing list - several

70. Created a family website – yes

71. Have a genealogy blog – a brick wall blog

72. Was overwhelmed by the amount of family information received from someone – only for about 2 second then dove right in

73. Have broken through at least one brick wall – several, one somewhat recently

74. Done genealogy research at a court house – via phone/mail to the court house

75. Borrowed microfilm from the Family History Library - tons

76. Found an ancestor in an online newspaper archive – don’t think so

77. Have visited a NARA branch - ?

78. Have an ancestor who served in WWI or WWII - yes

79. Use maps in my genealogy research – can’t stand using them

80. Have a blacksheep ancestor – think so

81. Found a bigamist amongst my ancestors – no proof yet

82. Attended a genealogical institute – I wish

83. Taken online genealogy (and local history) courses – not online, at a college

84. Consistently (document) and cite my sources – for my work but I do save others that I have not personally documented

85. Visited a foreign country (i.e. one I don’t live in) in search of ancestors – nope, I quit when I find a ship

86. Can locate any document in my research files within a few minutes - yes

87. Have an ancestor who was married four times – don’t recall

88. Made a rubbing of an ancestor’s gravestone – just photos

89. Followed genealogists on Twitter – not fond of Twitter

90. Published a family history book- I never feel “done enough” for that

91. Offended a family member with my research. – yes, I am quite insensitive about that

92. Reunited someone with precious family photos or artifacts – via internet to distant relative

93. Have a paid subscription to a genealogy database - several

94. Submitted articles for FamilySearch Wiki – no, never “done enough”

95. Organized a family reunion – gosh no

96. Converted someone new to the love of all things genealogy – I’ve tried

97. Have done the genealogy happy dance – yes and the song and the scream

98. Visited the DAR Library in Washington D.C. – love it

99. Have done indexing for Family Search Indexing or another genealogy project – I did something once a long time ago, may have been that

100. Visited the Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana – I wish, I have been looking for a family in 1870 Indiana census for abt 20 years

101. Had an amazing serendipitous find of the "Psychic Roots" variety – what?

102. Visited the Library of Congress - no

103. Belong to a lineage society – didn’t we start with that?

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