Saturday, June 22, 2013

Designing a Sewing/Craft Room

Perhaps I am a little ahead of myself because I haven't cleared out the spare bedroom turned junk collection room yet. When it comes to home projects, I can see the big vision in great detail, including what will look good with what, but actually getting it done is overwhelming. So much so I can't even start. If I had a team I could manage them into my dream room but it's going to be hard to get there on my own. Once the room is cleared out (which inludes heavy bedroom furniture to move out) I will start to take photos to share. I sure hope that is in 2013, lol.

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Julie said...

Good luck with this project! I know you can do it if the desire is there! That vision of how it will be will pull you through! I for one, cannot wait to start seeing photos!!!!! My DIL is planning to be moving out with the 2 grandkids in August, and then I will have some rearranging to do too!!! We can show our progress photos!!!

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