Thursday, June 27, 2013

Time Marches On

One of my favorite movies is Steel Magnolias and I find it full of interesting quotes. One particular exchange was between the actresses Olympia Dukakis and Shirley McClain. One says "time marches on" and the other responds "and it marched across your face." Burrr.....

I don't have  a lot of photos of myself in my teenage years and twenties but I did find a enough to put together enough to prove that time does march on and sadly it does march across one's face ;) These photos are between 10-20 years apart and the two weddings are 10 years apart.

Baby picture in Osceola, Arkansas

2nd grade photo - New Orleans, LA

Early twenties - Seattle, Washington

Late thirties - Kodiak, Alaska

Mid forties - Clearwater, FL

Early fifties - Clearwater, FL

1st wedding, Dumas Arkansas - 1/22/77

2nd wedding, Kauai, Hawaii - 1/15/1987
Hopefully I will someday be able to a sixties photo!


Angela said...

You've aged very well and you look great! Spending your 20's in Seattle must have been fun and a wedding in Kauai must have been amazing! :)

My Little Family: said...

Thank you Angela! Seattle was fun and Kauai wedding was great - wish the Coco Palms was still operational and I would go back for one of the "big" anniversaries.

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