Saturday, August 17, 2013

My Mom Got A New Car

Here's mama with her new car is my cousin Lea's driveway in Atlanta. Yup, mom and I flew to Atlanta for her to pick up her new car. Then we drove as far as Inverness, spent the night, and then home. She's had her car a couple weeks now and is still learning it but loving it. Oh, it's a Chevrolet SUV.

Guess who else got a new car? Well, new to me. This was mom's car - a 2000 Dodge caravan. It's 3 years newer than my Buick but with about 60,000 less miles. I am donating the Buick.

When my dad was here one New Years Day we went to a bowl game in Orlando where Arkansas was playing Wisconsin. He brought all sorts of Razorback stuff and I came across these while cleaning out the guest room (cleaning it out to make a CRAFT ROOM!)

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Julie said...

Lucky girls, you two!!! I want one! hehehe. Best wishes with your craft room!!! I am trying to do the same with my grandsons room now that they have moved into their own place! This should be a lot of fun, eh???

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