Friday, April 18, 2014

It's Gonna Be Quite A Weekend

On Saturday I have a lineage society meeting and also have to drive a piece to pick up my next foster dog who is being transported from Miami. Yup, I said new foster dog! I think I will keep her it's details a secret until she it arrives and I get photos.

Sunday is Easter, of course, and I am cooking. The cousins are coming over as well as my mom. I'm so behind on life that I still have my Mardi Gras wreaths on the front door - better take care of that tonight!

On top of all of this we need to fit time in to clean out Marge's ALF room. I think we have been avoiding it partially because we've been busy and sick but also it's facing her death head on. It all seems sort of unreal. Perhaps that is because we were not at the Hospice when she passed.

Guess I better get a good night's sleep!


vivian said...

Congrats on the new furbaby!

Julie said...

Oh goodie!!!! A new doggie!!!! i'm excited to see and hear all about her!!! Have a nice Easter!

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