Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day - Sunday

We went to bed pretty early last night so I was up by 6am. I walked on the beach a bit and collected a few more shells although I have to admit that without the sun it was much harder to see into the water and recognize shells. As I was walking back to the room I saw a rabbit on our "lawn"! I have a new camera and haven't figure out the zoom yet so, can you find the rabbit?

After chasing the rabbit around I changed into my swimsuit, poured myself a soda, grabbed a towel, and camera and headed to an empty pool. It was nice and warm so I grabbed a noodle ad enjoyed the pool from 7am - 8m at which time I noticed the pool rules - no swimming until 9am, no food or drink in the pool area, and no use of floaties. Whoopsie.

Mom and I had a nice breakfast then headed over the bridge to catch our boat for the nature cruise.

Pretty boats at the marina.

While waiting on the boat to arrive - we were early because we had to check out of our room an hour and a half before the cruise - Manatees came into the Marina!

We headed home two tired puppies ;)

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Julie said...

How awesome that you got to see the Manatees!!!!! Hope you loved your cruise!

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