Sunday, June 22, 2014


Mom & I flew to Nashville yesterday. Boy, was that a long day! We had a lineage society meeting in the morning then they boarded and unboarded our flight from Tampa to Atlanta 3 times! We got here late so our photos are taken at night....for now. We are just tourists in Nashville for a few days before going to Arkansas for a family reunion.
Mom & me ready to leave

Our itinerary and al the supporting confirmations and tickets to go with the activities listed.

Our room! The door to the left is a private entrance tot he veranda.

The dinig room also known as the pineapple room

The sitting area across the hall from the parlor

The veranda with my laptop and my iced tea

Our B&B in Nashville

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Julie said...

Well have a wonderful time, you two! Did your mom bring her red handbag???? lol. i love that thing! hehe. You guys look so pretty in the top photo! Your B&B is gorgeous! Enjoy Na shville! Take lots of pics so we can see!!!!!

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