Monday, July 28, 2014

Care Package - Baseball

I spent tonight shopping, decorating, and packing up a care package to send to a service person over seas. This is the first one I have ever decorated and shopped with a theme in mind. It's not perfect but I believe it turned out pretty well for a first attempt - it's harder than it looks to get the paper straight and to find items that work into a theme.

I got the idea here about a year ago, after sending "bland" care packages, to step it up a notch. More recently I learned the mailing address of a service person who is the twin brother of a guy I follow on You Tube. Both guys are sports fans, especially baseball, so I went with it.

The finished empty box - I used grass for the bottom, baseballs for the insides "walls" and clouds for the top flaps. I was hoping to find more baseball scrap book paper at Michael's but no. I did find some scrapbooking stickers though and added them to the top flaps. By the way, it takes 5 sheets if you use the flat rate box for military mail because it's a 12 x 12 x 6.

I used one whole sheet of grass for the bottom, two sheets of baseballs for the inside and then two sheets of clouds for the flaps. The inside and flaps are made by cutting the two sheets in half.

I found many cute baseball stickers and scrapbooking stickers but decided on these because the colors best matched my paper. I stuck them on the inside flaps but feel they are a little out of scale. Next time I will do better.

Shopping took a while because it took several stores to get everything. I got the Rays bumpersticker and Rays plastic solo cup at Michael's, Popcorn, peanuts, and cracker jacks at Target, Baby Ruth bars at Costco, and finally found Big League Chew at the Dollar Tree after stopping at 7-11 which I thought for sure would have it. Dollar Tree also had Big League Chew suckers with gum in the middle. In the toy section I found whiffle type baseballs and a set of bases with pitching mound, lol.

Yup, that is Eddie in the background trying to steal a Baby Ruth bar. Oh, and I did leave out one item by accident - a package of cheese filled pretzels. I accidentally left it on the kitchen counter - too bad because I had just the spot for it to really fill the box tight.

The finished care package! The guy receiving it a sports fan so I believe he will enjoy the theme! If you are interested in sending him a box, here is his info:
Marc Duncan
If you want to send to someone else but don't know of a service person, I can ask Marc (via Twitter) to provide another person's name in his unit.

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Julie said...

Very nice box! So sweet of you! I know he will appreciate it!

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