Sunday, August 31, 2014

Pencil Sketch

I discovered a new program (because my Internet Explorer no longer works on my laptop, I am using a loaner right now, and the only way I can access online programs is if there is an app for my Windows 8.1 laptop) called "Pencil Sketch" which will make your photos look as though they were drawn or painted.

For example, this photo:

Becomes these:


I also did some rattie photos (surprise, surprise) but did them like real pencil drawings (B&W) and saved them in another new app called "Cool Collage" and got this:

It's my first use of a free-form collage. I usually use Pixler where you choose the layout and put the photos in boxes. I tried to do that with the old photos of me (above) but they saved as wrong format (boo). So, it's not exactly how I envisioned it but a good start. Working with so many overlapping photos is just that, work. Gives me a new appreciation for all the ads and brochures we receive and just toss away- lots of time and work probably went into them.

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Julie said...

love the last picture of you! cool!!!

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