Saturday, January 31, 2015

My Foster Lani

 Lani had a tough week having suffered some type of injury or incident. with some veterinary assistance and a little TLC, I believe we have her on the road to recovery. I believe she deserves a post of her own!

Isn't she regal? She's a Rat Terrier from the Decker line with a pedigree to prove it. This means she's a giant rat terrier with a serious prey drive.

Here she is after being medicated with a pain killer. Snuggled up in a blankie on the dog bed in front of the fire place on a cool night for central Florida.

Eddie and I snuggled up with a candle and watching TV on that same coo night. Can you find Alice in this photo????


Julie said...

Lani really is regal. I wish I could have her! But can't handle any more pets. She's beautiful. I can't find Alice anywhere even making the photo big! Lol. Love your slippers!

My Little Family: said...

Julie Alice is the framed print to the right of the front door. She's the full color reduction print that the artist gave me after rescuing her artist's proof on Free Art Friday.

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