Sunday, January 31, 2016

Last of Carribean Cruise

This is a photo of the sea walk that jets out over the ship and has a glass bottom for viewing the ocean below.

On our last day we finally made it to tea in the dining room. They came around with trays of scones (wiuth shipped cream & jam), pastries, cookies, and small sandwiches.

You can tell the cruise is coming to an end when luggage starts to appear in the hallway. You have to give your luggage up the night before. Travel tip - bring a bag you can pack your last night's clothes, jammies, & toiletries in because you have to give up your bags.

The last night there was a mardi Gras party in the atrium. There was an opera singer with a beautiful voice too.

My selfie showing sun burn from sitting in the Jacuzzi. It was overcast so I didn't feel it burning. And, after that, I spent an hour on the balcony in the sun watching the US Coast evacuate a passenger off our ship using a basket that comes down from the H60 helicopter. It was amazing.

This is a light fixture.

We had a great time. We went to a comedy show, a broadway-like musical dance number, we watched movies under the stars twice, napped, read, listed to music, ate, watched the "street" performers in the piazza. It was a very enjoyable vacation. Cruises are the easiest vacations in my book.

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CiNdEe said...

My daughter and son in law are taking a cruise to Mexico next week. I have never been on a cruise before. I would like to go someday.

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