Wednesday, May 31, 2017

I Wrote A Book!

Well, that might be overstated. I have written a story and not a published book. However, I am posting it chapter by chapter on WordPress to motivate me to finish it so I can move on to "book" #2. Story #2 is dying to be written and wants released from my head, lol!

I started the writing process in 2008/09 and kinda dropped it in 2010 when my Dad passed away. I remember writing like crazy when my dad was in the hospital - he was watching football on the television as I was writing on my laptop.

I've picked it up a few times over the last seven years and added to it but I have to tell you it's a bit like starting over each time. I have to remind myself of where the characters are, who they are, the time frame and season, etc. Writing a story where you want to carry the characters forward is a lot of work! And, I'm picky as I try to avoid inaccuracies.

This story is just an easy read - I cannot imagine the work that novelist who create real literature must do. The one thing I do have in common with real writers is an understanding that writing is a process and not just something where you sit down one day and create a finished product. It's editing (a.k.a. write/rewrite/write/rewrite, etc.). I'm somewhat organized having created cards for characters to keep up with them but even that is work.

So, with the "book" 95% finished, I am thinking that publishing it online chapter by chapter (hopefully one each day)  will cause me to finally create the ending. I'm not too good at WordPress yet so this link to my story takes you to chapter four. You can scroll to other chapters if you are interested.

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