Monday, December 17, 2007

Frogs-0, Lizards-0, Rat Terriers-3

My plan to get my final paper written yesterday was a bust - I found more interesting things to do. That means that tonight I will be up late writing. Don't know why I do this to myself. I believe that I have had so many classes in a row without a break that I am just burned out on school. Each year as the holidays come I get very distracted from school. Luckily, graduation is in May.

Spoke to Dad last night. He finally made it home on a different flight from Dallas to Little Rock after he missed his connection due to delays leaving Tampa. I finished up Christmas things like the tree decorating and wrapping gifts. Took Marge shopping today and we had lunch at a German Deli. I scheduled the day off knowing that I would be to the wire on my final paper ;)

The big news around here is the weather. It got into the 40's last night. Jerry helped me bring over 70 orchids into the kitchen for protection. They probably didn't all need to come in but when you have 70 or so, it's hard to remember which ones perish at which temperature. Numerous frogs and lizards rode in with the orchids so the Rat Terriers were busy chasing harmless creatures around the house last night. Looks like the plants will have to stay in the house for a couple more days so it's not looking to good for the lizards and frogs. (Photo shows Eddie Ratbones the rat terrier who is willing to destroy orchids for a good lizard chase, and Chloe the diaper-wearing, evil chihuahua)

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