Sunday, December 16, 2007

Leavin On A Jet Plane

Well, he's off. His flight should take off in about 4 minutes due to repeted delays. Poor guy - I know he is concerned about his connections but since there are also delays in Dallas, I'm thinking he will be fine. I wanted to get a good-bye photo for the blog but as the world's worst photographer, I forgot. I spent the last 15 minutes before we left getting new batteries in the digital and trying to remember how to download and remove the photos still on the camera from last May when we went to see the Space Shuttle launch. Dad is such an easy person to have around. I am really going to miss him and look forward to his return.
Polish food was a bust last night. Turns out they were written up favorably in the newspaper, have been running television ads, plus they had an Elvis inpersonator last night so the line to get in was so long it was outside of the building. Perhaps another time when the hoopla has worn down. It was great to see Aunt Hellen again and we had lots of laughs. My Dad hadn't seen her since Jan 1977.

I'm going to be spending the afternoon and evening working on a simulation for my Global Business Strategies class and then writing about it. I also need to pull out a ladder and decorate the top 2 ft of the Christmas tree and wrap presents. Hopefully I can sit on the screen porch amid my orchids and listen to NPR while I write. Tomorrow I take Marge (mother-in-law) Christmas shopping and finalize my paper. Tomorrow is the deadline for this last assignment because it is the last day of class until January! Yippee!

Wind blew so hard here last night that the sheets of galvanized metal Jerry had stacked agaisnt the house (they cover the windows in case of hurricane) blew over. Wow, that was a loud crashing sound for the middle of the night. It is still blowing today but not as bad. I took a photo of the white caps and leaning palms from the Courtney Campbell Causeway as I returned home from the airport. Of course as the world's worst photographer, I was unable to adaquetely capture what I saw.

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