Monday, February 18, 2008

Back from Naples - no photos

Aunt Hellen took some photos but now sure how to download from her camera.

Yesterday was WONDERFUL! Mom and I had 3 hours of spa treatments. The facility was so nice - very tranquil, zen-like atmosphere. Nice amenities like shavers, toothbrushes, curling irons. Basically anything you need to get yourself back together before leaving.

First we had these exfoliating body scrubs where they rub you down then put warm water and brown sugar and wrap you up in plastic and towels as you lay on a heated bed. She then massages your head and face and infuses your skin with pettermint oil and sprays you with a tea. Sure opens up your breathing! The woman who did it was very interesting. She was from Tobago.

Next was the massage. I have a terrible time laying flat on my back or stomach without it creating discomfort in the small of my back so in the end she had me lay on my side and from there on it was a more enjoyable. The final treatment was a facial. I liked it alot and had fun talking to the woman who did it.

Supper was at a restaurant called Chops and I had Mahi & grilled asaparagus. Mom & H had filet mignon. Afterwards we walked around the quaint downtown of Naples and had ice cream while we window shopped. We met a lady walking her Rat Terrier which of course made me home sick.


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