Saturday, February 16, 2008

Naples - Day 1

Mom, Aunt Hellen, and I left around 11am for Naples. We drove away with Jerry carrying Chloe to the vet for boarding. We stopped for lunch on the way since it was about a 2 1/2 drive. We checked into the Naples Grande Resort, checked out the grounds and the spa for tomorrow's visit and then walked to a nearby shopping center of upscale stores such as Louis Vuitton, Tiffany, Cartier, Burberry, etc. The walk was hot and a little longer than we expected so our first stop at the shopping center was for ice tea (H), pineapple-coconut smoothie (me), and fresh lemonade (mom).

We looked around the shops, no buying, and then went to California Pizza Kitchen for dinner. There were several nicer restaurants but they had waiting times of 30 minutes. Dinner turned out to be very good at the CPK - I had a Thai crunchy salad that was very tasty and healthy. They also had the type of wine that H likes so we were all happy.

The resort is nice - very modern, clean lines, a hint of Asian. The steak restaurant here is quite spendy as are the services. The hotel is very nice but perhaps a bit overpriced. The "kitchen" is a refridgerator about the size of a microwave but there is no microwave! Plus we are paying over $10 per day for internet connection and we have to have two since both H and I brought laptops and it wont let us both sign on to one connection. Seems very petty for a hotel this expensive.

Tomorrow is spa day for mom and me. Hellen can't go because of a health issue. Our plans are to go to the downtown area with less chain, big name stores and to an area of more individual stores, galleries, and restaurants. Should be fun. Weather was wonderful today. You can sure see the differences in the flora just a couple zones away from home. Very cool varities of palms. Oh, I forgot my camera again! Argggg


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