Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Roof Monsters

Yesterday was a tough day for Miss Daisy. Jerry left for work and then I, having the day off, corraled Eddie, Chloe, and Annie Kitty for a trip to the vet. Daisey was heartbroken and distraught that her entire pack left her home alone. To make matters worse, a crew of roofers showed up and began banging, hammering, and sawing. Poor Daisy was all alone and terrorized by these roof monsters.

When I returned from the vet (bad news for those of you who know Chloe, she's healthy as a horse), Daisy became velcro dog. You couldn't get a sheet of paper between me and that dog! Poor thing shivered in my lap as though it was 30 degrees. I was sequestered in my office to keep Eddie from seeing the shadows of the roof monsters and trying to defend his territory.

Today was day two of the roof replacment. Jerry is home and she was a little better today but still disturbed. Rain came so they had to stop early meaning one more day of Roof Monsters.


1 comment:

Zoya, Patrick, Nora and Stuart said...

Chloe's the attack dog, right? One who did not like males? A most memorable dog.

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