Wednesday, April 16, 2008

More Ratbones and Survey From Julie's Blog

Julie wanted to see if others would answer it so here goes.....

Four jobs that I have had:
1. Museum Business Manager
2. Buyer for a chain of retail stores
3. Ticket Taker at baseball games
4. Computer Operator

Four movies that I’ve watched over and over again:
1. Steel Magnolias
2. The Harry Potter series
3. A Christmas Story
4. Sleeper

Four places I have lived:
1. Kodiak, Alaska
2. New Orleans Louisiana
3. Alamogordo, New Mexico
4. Dumas, Arkansas

Four TV shows that I currently watch:
1. Meerkat Manor
2. American Idol
3. Big Love
4. That’s about it – I’m a radio show gal more than TV

Four places I have been:
1. Married in Hawaii
2. Cruise to the Bahamas.
3. Canada
4. Mexico

Four favorite things to eat:
1. Papaya with lime
2. Scallops
3. Angel hair pasta
4. Watermelon

Four places I would rather be:
1. Alaska
2. China
3. Paris
4. London

Four things I look forward to this year:
1. Graduation!
2. Diamond mining
3. Family reunion
4. A clean house?????

Now you can copy, paste, and replace my answers with yours and post!


Julie said...

That is a very interesting list! You've had some cool jobs before! And lived quite a few places! It is fun to see what everyone does with this, isn't it?
Haved a wonderful weekend!

Donna said...

I really love the puppy in the 3rd picture. All the dogs are so incredibly cute, but the 3rd one just melts my heart! Wow, you've been to so many wonderful places. I've never been anywhere but Northern and Southern California...I need to get out more, I guess.

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