Friday, April 18, 2008

UGLY, Clunky Shoes

I went to the Podiatrist yesterday due to my heel pain becoming unbearable and what I thought was “it” spreading to other parts of my foot. Turns out I’ve had plantar fasciitis for a long time and have been compensating by walking on different areas of my feet and messing them up as well. For a while I walked on the back of my heel, then switched to the ball of foot near toes, and finally have been walking with the weight on right side. So, now I also have a heel spur, two inflamed bones, and a swollen ankle as well as the plantar fasciitis. In a nut shell, I have to wear ugly shoes.

Dr. sent me to Peltz for proper fitting of athletic shoes which I have to wear exclusively. No bare feet, flip flops, heels, Berkies, nothing - certainly nothing cute! Plus medication, plus injections, plus inserts, plus I am bandaged up for a few days. I’m kinda down about the shoe thing and scared of the injections. On the bright side, I got to go shoe shopping even if it was only for ugly athletic shoes that my feel will feel claustrophobic in. So, if you see me anytime over the next couple months or so, I will be styling one of these two models! Oh, you will have to come see me because I am under house arrest so to speak, staying off the feets except when absolutely necessary - no activity.

PS: In terms of cute sandles and heels, I thought I was "in" when I saw the Podiatrist was a woman until I looked at her feet and saw ugly, practical shoes :(

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Donna said...

Hi Vickie, I'm sorry to hear about your feet troubles. I hope you feel better soon. The injections sound really painful. Where are they injecting your feet? That sounds rather scary! Those shoes don't look so bad. The one with the pink is kind of cute.

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