Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunday Gardening part 2 - pool garden

Two years ago we hired a guy that I now call "Conan the Gardener" to trim our giant white bird of paradise. Apparently there was a language barrier with his crew because when I came home from work ALL my plants were gone - only the huge bird of paradise, palms, and hibicus bush remained (presumeable because they could not be pulled out by hand). All my labor, not to mention cost of plants, for m underplanting *gone* *puff*. I used this as a chance to replant in a more organized way, repeating the same plants at intervals. You can see it came grown back. Jerry thinks we need Conan in again. I think it is as it should be :)


Julie said...

Oh God, NO.....No Conan, PLEASEEEE!!! Oh, I cannot believe that story...I know I do hear stories like this, even from my neighbors, but you can never really quite believe a living human being would do something like that without at least asking! Unbelievable!

I think it looks so lush right now...I wouldn't change a thing!!! But, that's just me.

Wicked Gardener said...

Acckkk! I've had nightmares like that! Your pool garden sure beats the heck out of mine!!

Donna said...

I think I would have broken down and cried and cried and cried if that had happened to me. One year, we had some workers come to my apartment building to repaint the floors of our balcony. Back then I only had about 4 plants. I have over 100 now and I just dread that when they make their way on to my balcony by ladder sometime in the not so far future, they will break, smash, stomp, and ruin the majority of my succulents like they did with the four measly plants that I had on my balcony the first time they painted the floor.

You have such a beautiful pool garden, Vickie. One day, I shall have a pool garden of my own.

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