Sunday, April 27, 2008

Green Thumb Sunday

This was my Sunday surprise today. I've been really good at staying off my foot all morning and rewarded myself 5 minutes of digicamera in the garden. I heard a bang agaisnt the screen porch door as I came around the corner and was greeted by a Black Racer. Scared the heck outta me! I think I screamed and then Eddie took off after it. Luckily he didn't catch it. I wasn't quick enough to photo it so I borrowed the photo from: oops, I lost the link.

The most colorful hybiscus in my yard. It is a real survivor. conan chopped it down once, a frost got it a couple years ago, and jerry broke/damaged it pulling out a rouge vine. It may be a weak shrub but the flowers are gorgeous.

My staghorn ferm. I am thinking if we remove the propane tank, which we do not use because we don't heat our pool, then I may cosolidate all my ferns creating a fern garden! When I bought this one a couple years ago it only had two leaves - or was that last year?? I purchased the most unusual items from this lady who lives near my friend Christina. She has an awsome yard and sells plants she has propegated. Her sale was probably yesterday because it usually coincides with Green Thumb Festival :(

My Christmas cactus which is actually an Easter cactus but blooms more like a Mother's Day cactus. Let's just call it a holiday cactus and be done with it!

This plant was delivered to my Dad's house when my step mother died. You just wouldn't believe how many plants were delivered to the house on top of everthing at the funera home. No kidding, there were probably 50 plants. Most were what one would think of as houseplants but in my climate they are lkiving outside. Dad is still keeping a dozen or so alive. Since we drove to Arkansas we were able to bring a few back and I created a Bessie garden. A cold night took out a couple of them and I moved the bromeliad to my new bromeliad border but I still have two "Bessie" plants in a corner by the pool - it's a reflective area of my garden.


Julie said...

The plants you show as part of your Bessie garden are really beautiful...I love that green stripe! I would have screamed too if I ran into a snake of any kind!!! LOL.

Donna said...

I got a little Sunday surprise myself, but not in the form of a snake...yikes! Nice plants.

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