Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Shot in the foot

Went to the Podiatrist today. I knew that shot was going to be bad when she froze my heel first. At first I thought no big deal when the needle entered the foot but then I saw stars when she hit the inflamed muscle. Said she wasn't going to shoot the ball of my foot right now because it would be excruciating. Yikes! At my dad's urging, I asked about cruches. Since it impossible to completely stay off ones feet, and getting harder to limit walking to 10 steps, she thought that was a good idea; however, gotta be sure left foot doesn't get worse as a result. So I boght the crutches tonight and have been a miserable failure trying to use them. Surely I will figure them out.
Meet Helen (above). She is a Ratbone dog being fostered in Georgia.

Reilly (above) is an active boy in Ratbone foster care in Wisconsin.

Delilah (above) and her sister Diva (below) are being fostered in Yakima WA with their mom "LeMae" (3rd photo). This little family was left at a shelter and about to be PTS because mom contracted kennel cough.


Julie said...

These guys are all so adorable!!!

alaskanaking said...

Hi. I was looking for the inventory of the Old American Cemetery in Kodiak. The link at Cyndi's list no longer works. Is the inventory still on the internet anywhere? Thanks. Dick. Juneau

My LIttle Family: said...

Alaskanaking - I can't get to your blog for some reason. Humm..trying to remember where that was saved becuase I've had two computers since then. If I find it I will find a way to post it. I know someone else was supposed to host if when I moved. Humm.... Vickie

alaskanaking said...

Thanks for the reply, Vickie. I don't have a blog, but had to register so that I could leave a comment (to ask you the question). Did the cemetery list include dates for death, or was it just names? There is one person buried there that I'm researching, William J. Fisher. I'd like to know what year he died. If you know someone in Kodiak with the list, I'd appreciate knowing that. I couldn't find the list after a pretty exhaustive search online. You can contact me through my web site Thanks. Dick

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