Saturday, May 3, 2008

Cemetery Search

Someone left a comment on my blog about a Cemetery in Kodiak. I inventored that cemetery about 10 years ago I guess. My inventory was connected to Cyndi's list but when I moved someone else "took" it and now apparently it is gone. I am looking for paper copy but am thinking I left with one of the museums in Kodiak. I thought it wasn't long ago that I saw it online but perhaps I am thinking of a cemetery in Arkansas since I did a couple there too. Anyway, I have discovered that it seems to be called the Army National Cemetery now instead of the Old American Cemetery - at least that is what I am coming up with from searches.

In the mean time, while I look for this information, here's a couple photos of dogs looking for forever homes ;)
Meet Domino! She's being fostered in Georgia and was pulled from a shelter just in the nick of time. Good job Ratbone!

Like me, Cricket is a Floridian. I am sure she would be happy to changes addresses if it means finding a forever family.!

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