Tuesday, April 8, 2008

What's Going On?

We had a good weekend - spent time with family, ate nice meals. But, once the weekend offically ended (by my estimate that is 5pm on a sunday night) seems everything has gone haywire. Sunday night we got called out in a terrible storm because MIL's apartment had a fire. When we arrived there were about a dozen emergency vehicles including 4 or 5 regular fire trucks and a hook and ladder! There were probably 3 or 4 EMT type and a few suburban or other big SUV too. Turns out the fire was on a different floor and wing than Marge but it was upsetting because the firemen turned off the elevators and all those people who depend on walkers weren't able to go downthe stairs easily.

Tonight got another call where I had to get dressed and go pick up a friend who got into an auto accident. Fortunetly she wasn't hurt but she is being faulted with the accident. Unfortunetly, her car appears to be totaled. Of all the cars to hit, she hit a Rolls Royce. Hopefully everyone is ok and even if it is a Rolls, it's still just a car ;)


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