Sunday, May 18, 2008

Green Thumb Sunday

Instead of photo-ing the plants that are blooming, I thought I would show you photos of what is about to bloom! This time next week these plants will look quite different. As always, click for larger images. Here goes:

Actually this one is just starting to open some of the bloom spikes - big difference from yesterday when I peeked at it.

This one is a Native plant named after the city of Tampa. It is quite fragrant.

My psyclops starting to bloom AGAIN

A hanging cattleya in the wooden slatted boxes often used for vanda

This is a dendrobian that looses its leaves and then blooms directly on the canes. How wierd is that?

Looking like another white phal but I believe it should be a yellow one - guess i will know by this time next week!

This beautiful plant will be HOT pink this time next week. Sorry for not giving names of plants. I am in hurry because I need to do a quilt block for Ratbone but I promise to include the names when I repost when everything is in bloom :) Vickie

1 comment:

Julie said...

It will be neat to compare them to when they are in bloom!

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